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Montpelier, Vt. – Governor Phil Scott today issued the following statement in response to the yield bill passed by House Ways & Means, which will lead to a painful property tax increase for Vermonters:

“Vermonters already face a daunting tax burden. Too many are struggling to get by, and simply cannot afford to see their costs continue to go up. Vermonters have also made themselves abundantly clear: taxes are crushing them.

“Months ago, when the December 1 property tax projection letter came out, my team warned about the consequences of such a historic tax increase. Unfortunately, many in the Legislature brushed it off and downplayed it. For years, I’ve voiced my concerns about the sustainability of our education system and  have offered ideas for the Legislature to consider that would contain costs. They have rejected those ideas, time and time again – without following through on solutions of their own.

“Today, it is clear the House’s only plan is to accept an unbearable property tax increase, without any cost containment, while adding other taxes and studying the problem for a couple years. That means we’ll be in this same mess for years to come. I cannot accept this, I know Vermonters won’t, and I hope the Senate doesn’t either.”




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